Hazelden launches afternoon outpatient program for older adults


NAPLES, FLA. (Nov. 7, 2013) – Beginning on Nov. 1, Hazelden in Naples addiction treatment center will offer a new afternoon Intensive Outpatient Treatment program featuring a specialized track for older adults facing chemical use, abuse or addiction. The program meets for nine hours a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons at Hazelden, 950 6th Avenue North in Naples, Fla. The program is designed for those who are not working or who do not like to drive at night.

Research shows that alcoholism and the misuse of prescription drugs are becoming a life-threatening epidemic in older people. It is estimated that 70% of all hospitalized older persons and up to 50% of nursing home residents have alcohol-related problems. Among older people there is reason for concern about mixing alcohol and drugs. More than 83% of people over 65 take some form of prescription medications and half of those contain sedatives.

“Older adults have dramatically different needs,” said Heather Burton, clinical director at Hazelden in Naples. “For example, our metabolism changes as we get older which means that tolerance may be lower or complications from diabetes may arise from drinking alcohol. There are also gender differences in older women who conceal their addictions better even though it affects them more. In our community, we are seeing an increase in abuse and addiction in our older population, particularly when it comes to alcohol or prescription medications.”

After an in-person diagnostic assessment by an addiction professional, each person receives a recommendation for the most effective treatment program. At Hazelden, the programming helps guide the patient through the stages of change with education, therapy and peer interaction. The patient is also equipped with a relapse prevention plan that takes into account specific issues such as management of chronic pain, medication management, grief and loss, and co-occurring mental health conditions.

For more information on the afternoon Intensive Outpatient Treatment program or Hazelden’s comprehensive continuum of care, visit www.hazelden.org/naples or call 239-659-2340.

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